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Dust Mites, Just How Bad Are They?

Dust Mites, Just How Bad Are They? There are lots of articles out there about dust mites and how bad they are. Some say they can lay up to 300 eggs and can live for a year without food. Some say they live for 10 weeks and lay 100 eggs. The important thing to know is that they are the second highest cause of allergies, second only to pollen itself. You do not want these things living in your house. The most common place to find them is in your bed. There could be up to 6,000,000,000 dust mites living in your bed! So if you’re...

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What To Do With Pet Urine?

What To Do With Pet Urine? When confronted by a call out for a urine job, the smell often gives away how bad it’s going to be. You are not going to get rid of the stain associated with urine, but it’s essential that you treat the odour. We have found that repeat visits by the culprit to the same place, cause a carpet to look like this picture underneath. The urine has permeated the carpet and underlay to such an extent that it’s not financially viable to bring a carpet cleaner back for possibly 3-5...

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Auckland

Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Auckland Tips For How To Choose A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company In Auckland Having the carpeting in your home professionally cleaned can make it look like new again, removing unwanted odours and brightening up the space. Try using the following tips to choose a professional carpet cleaning company in Auckland that can do the job right the first time: Methods for Professional Carpet Cleaning Decide how you want your carpets cleaned. There are several different methods that can be used to...

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